End-of-Life Care

In some cases, the cancer is not possible to treat for various reasons. the patient is deteriorating over time. At this time, medical care continues to protect the quality of life rather than cure the disease. They try to make it possible for a comfortable death and a happy end to his/her life. End-of-life care is a series of interventions aimed at promoting or maintaining the quality of life in the last days of life, as well as improving the quality of life in the individual on the brink of death. One of the fundamental goals of supportive care is the provision of care for patients who do not have the hope of improving their illness. This care is provided by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, and spiritual caregivers. Others may be added to the team as needed in other areas, such as a lawyer, nutritional advisor, genetics counselor, etc.

Since one of the main concerns of patients is being at home and gaining the emotional support from family members, the most appropriate ways of providing care are the presenting it at patient’s home in which it is provided by a specialized care team. In MACSA, we see death in peace as an accomplishment of life with dignity. MACSA offers end-of-life care in the form of specialized home care teams.