Education in MACSA

The presence of specialized forces in the field of supportive and palliative care among physicians, nurses, psychologists and other allied health professionals is a pillar of establishment and development of supportive and palliative care in a country. Vocational training at the general level (as part of the curriculum of related academic disciplines) and specialized level (as a separate specialization) is necessary for a professional community that can provide quality supportive and palliative care in all levels of health care system. MACSA is taking an active role in the development and implementation of such specialized training programs in cooperation with national organizations.

Public Awareness Events

Besides its specialized mission, over the years, MACSA has played an active role in raising public awareness with the aim to educate the public on cancer prevention increase the social understanding of supportive and palliative care. So far, MACSA has organized various events – annual World Cancer Day event, weekly cancer prevention talk, occupational risk assessment and prevention training programs for various organizations and companies, and hosting booths in social events and exhibitions.

MACSA social event

Continuing Education Conferences

MACSA holds supportive and palliative care training courses regularly for physicians, nurses, psychologists and chaplains. Specialized trainings in Supportive and palliative care is presented as workshops, continuing education program, specialized symposia, etc.

MACSA Symposium

Internship in MACSA

MACSA has come to agreement with Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (School of Nursing and Midwifery), Khorasgan Azad University (School of Nursing and Midwifery) and Najafabad Azad University (School of Nursing and Midwifery), to provide the opportunity of internship in palliative and supportive care for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Interdisciplinary Meetings

 MACSA interdisciplinary meetings provide an opportunity for exchange of views between specialists and clinicians in various areas of supportive and palliative care. These meetings are held weekly in MACSA with the aim to share the latest scientific findings, technical debate between the members of the interdisciplinary palliative team, resolving possible conflicts, and discussion on clinical processes and services.

MACSA joint meeting

Educational Collaboration

MACSA has held multiple specialized training courses in collaboration with other domestic and foreign institutions the most prominent of which are “The Psycho-oncology Course for psychologists and psychiatrics” in collaboration with the University of Freiburg (Germany) and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Iran) and “The Palliative Medicine course” in collaboration with Curie Institute (France).

MACSA welcomes any opportunity of technical, educational and research collaboration with active institutions in the field of palliative and supportive care specifically in collaborative programs in the field of supportive and palliative care.

MACSA international collaboration