Voluntary collaboration with MACSA

MACSA, as a non-governmental organization, solely relies on the support of donors and volunteers in provision of supportive and palliative care and development of these services in Iran. If you are interested and capable to help MACSA specifically in any of the education,  research, technical collaboration, fundraising, or other fields of interest you are warmly welcomed to join the community of MACSA international volunteers. MACSA is interested to engage in international partnerships with individuals and organizations that care about the evolution of infrastructure and execution of supportive and palliative care around the world.

Research Collaboration

In today’s globalized world, interdisciplinary, inter-organizational, and international collaborations facilitate research advancement.
We at MACSA highly appreciates any opportunity of research collaboration with institutions and people who are interested in development of palliative and supportive care. International research collaboration is an opportunity to improve the local research capabilities and respond to issues and challenges of palliative in Iran.

Collaboration in Professional education

If you have the ability to lay the ground work for specialized training for members of the supportive and palliative care team, you may have the opportunity to play an important role in development of palliative care in Iran. MACSA is eager to set up collaboration in professional palliative educational in diverse fields involved in palliative and supportive care and welcomes any chance to improve the knowledge of supportive and palliative care in Iran.

The various practitioners in MACSA, including physicians, nurses, psychologists, spiritual caregivers, and other allied health professionals are also interested to share you their knowledge and experience in supportive and palliative care.

Professional Collaboration

If you specialize in supportive and palliative care, you can help us develop and improve supportive and palliative care in Iran by sharing your views, critics and suggestions. MACSA specialists are also ready to share their experiences and knowledge with you.

help MACSA develop new partnerships

MACSA seeks to expand its global relationships and partnerships with communities, science centers, and charities. Your help is highly appreciated If you are able to develop MACSA relationships by linking us to organizations and individuals that can somehow aid us in our mission in development of supportive and palliative care.

the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.