While cancer treatment remains in the center of political and public attention, a cancer patient and the family know that the experience of cancer is not limited to the treatment; but includes the need for support and care, from the moment of cancer diagnosis, during the course of treatment, at the end of treatment, during the survivorship period or in the terminal phases of life. The kind of support and care that aims to palliate the pain and symptoms, lessen the sufferings and answer to the uncertainties.

We at MACSA, know this well. We know your need for the care beyond the simply treating a tumor. We know your need for support on any changes that cancer has made to your life.

During the last decade, MACSA as the leading institute in provision of supportive and palliative care in Iran, has delivered completely free services to over 20000 cancer patients and their families, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

MACSA services are now available in Isfahan, Tehran, Mashhad, Qom, Kerman and Kashan and the services are planed to soon be available all around Iran. MACSA services are aimed to best feet the needs of the patient and the family, hence are accessible within various settings, including outpatient clinic, inpatient ward home care network and online counselling center.

Since palliative and supportive care is not supported by health authorities in Iran, all MACSA costs are covered by charitable donations.