Patient and Family Resources

MACSA offers cancer related education to the patients, families and the public, both in-person and online. Our online resources are available as videos, Booklets, brochures and online publications through our website and social media. Mainly our aim is to address the information needs of the Persian speaking patients, families and caregivers. These materials are produced to cover a wide range of subjects, to name a few, cancer prevention, cancer treatment, self-care and emotional support, to help you stay connected with MACSA, anytime, from anywhere.

How to wash your hands

HIV and Cancer

Hepatitis and Cancer

Screening Mammography

Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Risk Factor

Cervical Cancer

What is Lymphedema?

Cancer Genetic Counseling

Mental Health and Cancer Patient

Spiritual Care: Defined

Spiritual Care in Cancer

MACSA Spiritual Care Department

Patient and Family Resources

درمان سرماخوردگی و آنفولانزا و داروهای آن


Blood Cancer

Radiation Therapy


Cancer and Nutrition

Breast Cancer

Smoking and Cancer

Cancer: Defined

Cancer Social Work


Nutrition During Chemotherapy

Living with Cancer

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention

Food Additives


Cancer Myths