Each step of cancer courses (diagnosis, treatment, etc.) has its own stressful or frustrating situation for the patients or families. Adaption to each situation and maintenance on healthy mind and body, have impressive effects on the course of treatment. MACSA provides services like: counseling sessions, psycho-therapy, group therapy (stress management, giving hope and existential therapy), art therapy or psychotherapist appointment and educational sessions for the patients and their families respectively.

spiritual care

Incurable diseases result in many challenges in spiritual and religious (belief in God or faith) issues. These problems can cause demoralization, hopelessness and difficulties in tolerating the treatment. Spiritual care is trying to give the meaning for existence of human in four directions (contact with God, ourselves, people or creatures) according to the religious rules. The services of MACSA for this problem are: individual counseling, spiritual group therapy, giving spiritual care structure on the basis of religious rules and answering the religious questions of the patients according to the condition of the disease.