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Call Center

The experts and specialists at MACSA call center are available to answer the questions of the cancer patients, caregivers and the community of specialists in the field of supportive and palliative care.  The call center provides a variety of services in the field of telemedicine, telephone counselling, monitoring and coordination of palliative care. The call center is connected to an online Patient Information System, which provides patient’s information to the person in charge of your telephone counselling service so that they can provide you with accurate guidance based on this information and plan further actions.

Telephone counselling

The experts of the MACSA call Center answer the specialized questions of the patients and the caregivers 24/7.  They guide patient caregivers in the case of complications, interpret test results, change the type and dose of medications, deal with acute problems, refer the patient to the hospital, etc.
The patient may also be examined remotely or given telephone counselling if needed, by means of video call, images and the test results.

⚠ Telephone counselling is not a substitute for a visit and physical examination of the patient and is recommended only in specific cases.

Telephone Visit

The palliative care team contacts the patients and their family regularly to assess their condition and respond to any new needs as soon as possible.  Telephone visits are performed by a trained doctor, psychologist, social worker, or spiritual care expert so that they can be informed of the patients’ latest condition, guide them, schedule the next visit, and refer them to other units if necessary.

call center

Referrals and information

If the needs are different from the services that MACSA provides, MACSA Call Center, helps the patient and the caregivers to find and attend the center that fits their needs. The call center experts also find a center with palliative service capabilities near the living place of those who live in other areas than where MACSA services are accessible.

Setting an appointment

Patients and their families can make an appointment by calling the call center to receive the services they need.
In addition, one of the important tasks of the call center is to assess the type of needs and priorities of patients to send a home care team and support the team.  They determine the appropriate type of service and its priority, plan a visit according to the patient’s needs, or at the patient’s request.

Home care team support

Call center coordinates the home care team.  The call center operator is in regular contact with the home care team to guide the team and coordinate their schedule if needed.

Evaluate service quality

Call center experts evaluate the clients’ satisfaction with the services provided and record any complaints, criticisms and suggestions regarding the performance and inform the relevant authorities.